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Professional House Painter–What to Ask

Skilled handymen can be a jack of all trades when it comes to remodeling a home. There are still circumstances to keep in mind when it comes to repainting your house. Deciding to repaint the exterior of your home is a task best left to the professionals. Tools such as larger than household ladders and precautionary equipment are usually required. You will also want the necessary experience to ensure the proper prepping, priming and painting. These are some of the advantages you will receive when deciding to go with a professional house painter. Once you’ve made the decision to go with a company these are the questions you should ask yourself.

1. Are free house painting estimates provided?

Yes! Call today for your free estimate. However, remember that saving money should only be one of your goals to keep in mind when shopping around for a professional house painter. Estimates are a great tool to have under your belt. This will ensure you will be happy with whatever company you decide on. You still want to be asking questions regarding paint quality, warranties and other important topics to make sure you’re happy.

2. What kind of time window am I looking at until completion from my professional house painter?

It’s highly likely you won’t want to vacate the premises of your home. That’s why it’s important to get a timetable of the job’s completion. Many people request specific start and stop times so you can get out of the house. This will ensure the professional house painter can be efficient and timely.

3. When the house painting is finished will I have a mess left to deal with?

After your home is painted the last thing you’ll want to worry about is a giant mess to contend with. When deciding on a company you’ll want to make sure they use shoe covers, drop cloths and other measures for messes left behind.

4. Having trouble deciding on the right color to paint your house?

While you’ll most likely already have a specific color picked out, when dealing with the professionals it’s not unreasonable to ask their advice on palettes or possible alternatives. You can get priceless advice on paint grade or brands that might be better suited for your home. It goes without saying you always will get what you pay for.

5. What about painting over any potential damage?

Shortcuts such as painting over damaged trim, soffits or rotten siding has the potential to not only not save you money but could become even more costly in the long run. When dealing with the professionals they should have the tools to mitigate these circumstances to ensure that the finished project is not only beautiful but will also stand the test of time.

Why wait when we’ve got your home in our hands!

So, when you do decide to go with a professional house painter, you’ll rest easy knowing that our team cares about the beauty and longevity of your home just as much as you do. Call for a free consultation today.

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