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Painting Company — 4 Questions to Ask Before You Choose

Finding a painting company is a big decision that requires doing a bit of homework before you decide. Since your home is a big portion of your overall assets, not to mention, your home sweet home, it pays to do this homework. No one wants to end up with a painting company that doesn’t do the work correctly. So what do you need to look into? Here are 5 ideas to help you decide on a great painting company for your important project.

What kind of experience does the painting company have?

Sure you’d like to help out a painter that is just starting out. However, getting your house repainted is a huge undertaking! Why not find someone with the experience that will assure excellent results? At Done Rite Painting in San Diego we have over 25 years of experience. We were the ‘new guy’ once and frankly, we made a lot of mistakes. That’s how someone learns to be a top notch house painter. The suggestion we recommend “Get it done right the first time!” Call Done Rite Painting 619-977-0241.

How does the painting company look when it comes to reviews?

Reviews are a double edged sword. They can tell you if someone is really a creep and should be avoided. However, you can miss an excellent and reasonably priced house painter because one disgruntled customer decided to write something nasty. Of course you should go on to Yelp and Google to read the reviews. But keep in mind that negative comments outrank positive ones by 4 to 1. People just like to complain more than they do when complimenting a painting company. We admit, we have a negative comment on our Yelp page but we actually worked it out with the client and yet the negative review remains. Just know we will knock ourselves out to make you happy. So call today and let us give you a free estimate. 619-977-0241.

How can I see some of the house painters work?

Sometimes you’d like to just drive by some houses or apartment buildings that have been painted to see the work. Interestingly, this doesn’t happen very often but why not? What better way to check on the painting company’s work than to drive by and take a look, first hand? So ask your potential house painter to let you know what houses will show off his work. Or look through his photo gallery.

Will the house painter come over and give you a free estimate?

If a painting company can’t make the time to come over and give you a free estimate then maybe they are too busy. Consequently, you may find it difficult to have your house painted in a timely manner. However, if you’re not in a hurry then that’s not an issue. You can bet that if they’re busy they do great work. On the other hand, a great painting contractor:

  • stays organized
  • makes time for estimates
  • and knows how to manage the work load.

In conclusion, our suggestion is to take your time when finding a great house painter. Ask them for an estimate and get a feel for the owner. Read the reviews but consider that sometimes disgrunteled people leave nasty reviews that are not warranted. Finally, find a house painter with experience. Your home, your most important investment, is too important to leave up to a beginner.

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