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2 Exterior House Painting Mistakes to Avoid

Experts suggest that an exterior paint job done on an average home, in average weather, should last between five and ten years. However, we’ve seen homes where the paint job will last well less than that. Why is that? Could it be that someone decided to cut corners, either with the paint, the painter, or the prep work that caused the failure? We hope this short article will help you avoid 2 common mistakes.

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What are the 2 Most Common, House Painting Problems?

First of all, many house painters simply don’t have the experience to avoid some of these mistakes. In addition, some will never be great because they cut corners. You can’t fix that stuff.  We want to discuss issues like age, sunlight, and the weather which will all do a number on house painted exteriors.

Just by its very nature, paint can crack. That’s a problem that’s exacerbated by water. oxidation can also occur. This causes a chalky appearance as it wears.  Furthermore, sunlight will cause paint to fade over time. However, each of these paint problems can be avoided with a bit of planning and knowledge.

They key is that ALL of these issues can be avoided. Start the job properly, learn what mistakes can be avoided and you’ll have the success you want.

But what happens when the job isn’t done properly? Two paint problems that crop up most frequently.

House Painting Problems (Mistakes) and Their Consequences

  1. Inter-coat Peeling
    Primer needs to adhere to the surface. When that adhesion does not take place you will find peeling between the coats. Remember when paint peels, the seal is broken. This allows water to seep in and begin to compromise the surface. The paint will fail, it’s only a matter of time.
  2. Bubbling and Peeling Paint
    The environment is a huge issue for a big paint job. Sometimes if it’s too hot or too humid the painting should be postponed. Conditions like this can cause the paint to bubble or peel before it’s even dry. Wait Sometimes the elements start wreaking havoc on your painted surfaces before the paint is even dry. When a surface isn’t dry before it’s painted, the combination of moisture and high temperatures can cause paint to bubble, blister, and peel. That sets up a cascade of events similar to those experienced during intercoat peeling. This is definitely a paint problem!

Done Rite Painting – The House Painting Difference

We have the experience to avoid the mistakes. We always begin with a surface that has been properly prepared. Each surface will present with it’s own specific needs. We know how to deal with anything that comes our way.

Whether we are going to be painting wood, metal, concrete, or stucco we know the issues that need to be dealt with. Each has different requirements for surface preparation. Consequently, approaching each according to its needs will give the desired results. Using the right primer is frequently a very big deal.

We never skimp on the right paint or other product. Just spend the money and do it right. Otherwise, it never ends well. And so that brings us around to the beginning of this article and how long your beautiful house painting job will last. Don’t skimp. Take your time prepping, and watch out for those 2 mistakes we mentioned.

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