front door painting
Front Door Painting

Have you seen some of the fabulous front doors that people are doing? It adds a spark to the home’s overall look. Nothing like a spot of color to liven things up! Today we are going to discuss how to choose a paint color for your home’s front door. In addition, we’ll discuss the best way to do the painting.

Choosing the Perfect Paint Color for Your Front Door Painting

The first thing to consider when choosing a color for your front door is your home’s existing paint color. If your home is a neutral color like white, tan, or grey you can go with a wonderful bright color. Any color will work because your base color is neutral. However, if you have a rust-colored house you don’t want to paint the door red. Choosing a complementary color would be best. A complementary color is opposite on the color wheel. So if you have a reddish brick home you might go with an olive green, teal, or blue paint color as a contrast.

What’s the Best Way to Accomplish Front Door Painting

The best way is to remove the hinge pins to take the door off the door. Then, place it on a sawhorse, and paint it flat. However, the door can be heavy and maybe you don’t have the ability to lift the door outside. In this case, you can do it another way by simply painting the door in place. But keep these things in mind.

  • Allow plenty of time for the door to dry before you close it. Otherwise, the paint will stick to the door jam and when you open the door the paint will peel off.
  • Use two coats of paint. High-quality paint is a must! Talk to your local paint specialist about the correct paint and follow the instructions on the can.
  • Again, start early in the day so you allow plenty of dry time before the door needs to be closed.
  • Clean the door with TSP so that you will get the paint to adhere properly.
  • Tape off the hinges and knobs. You can remove the knobs for best results but many knobs are a bugger to mess with.
  • Keep in mind the weather. If the humidity is high or the weather is cold your dry time will be longer.

Tools and Materials You May Need for Your Front Door Painting Project

  • high-quality paint (talk to your local paint supplier for suggestions
  • sanding block
  • painter’s tape
  • paintbrush and roller
  • rags and drop cloths

So have a great time with this painting project. The results can be so fun! It’s a great way to update the look of your home. Don’t forget to take the additional step of sprucing up around your front door area. Add planter boxes, or plants in pots, new lighting or a new door mat. Then sit back and enjoy!

What if You Don’t Want To Paint Your Front Door Painting?

No problem. Call the experts at Done Rite Painting. We’ll give you a free estimate and some ideas. Call us today! 

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