Drywall Repair and Texturing

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Drywall Repair and Stucco Improvements

Before applying any paint, Done-Rite will properly repair any dry wall or stucco damage. Additionally, we can cover your dents, cracks, holes and even damage from water leaks. Our experts will blend and texturize to match existing interior and exterior walls, making the finished product look great for years to come!

Our team can take on projects for your home, townhouse, condo, apartment complex, shopping center, office building, or church. Call us today for your residential or commercial needs. Our estimates are always Fast and Free!

Our Additional Services Include:

One the of the Best Drywall Repair Contractors in San Diego

Drywall is something we all take for granted. However, maintaining your business or home starts with keeping the drywall in excellent condition. Even the finest paint job cannot hide poor quality drywall work. If you are looking for a professional drywall contractor and need expert drywall repair services call us today. Therefore, we will come to your home or business and do whatever it takes to repair your drywall and then compliment it with expert painting. All work is done to your satisfaction.

Did you accidentally kick a hole in your drywall? Don’t worry, that happened to me once. (-;) If you try and fix this yourself your results can end up a bit shakey. So call an expert drywall contractor. Do you have cracks in your drywall from a shoddy job done previously or your house settling? Don’t worry, we can fix that too. No matter the reason, we are here to help with our professional drywall maintenance and repair services.

Our excellent references and 25 years of experience ensure the results you deserve. Call us today for a FREE quote!

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We do more than drywall repair!

Welcome to Done-Rite Painting. We have been serving the people of San Diego with painting services for 32 years now, 13 of those as an acting contractor.

Done-Rite owner and La Mesa resident, Glen Giles, has over 13 years experience as a painting contractor, working with commercial and residential properties across San Diego. For the last 13 years, we have specialized as an acting contractor for many property management projects to whole house repaints.

In conclusion, whether you are a property manager who needs your rentals turned over quickly, or a homeowner who wants a fresh, new look for your house, we can help!

Drywall Repair and Texturing are important…

The Done-Rite goal is to provide clean, professional and reliable painting. Glen strongly believes in the importance of establishing a good working relationship with all residential clients and property management companies, as well as quick, quality work at a fair price. His motto is an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.

We specialize in single family homes, condos, townhouses, apartment complexes, churches, shopping centers, and office buildings.

We also offer ceiling painting, cabinet painting and refinishing services, so that no part of your living space is left untouched! In addition, our drywall and stucco repair professionals make your surfaces look like new.

If you have questions about color or texture choices for a particular area simply ask our knowledgeable and helpful staff. We’re happy to share our expertise and will provide free color samples to make sure your home looks stunning!

Most importantly, give us a call for a FREE ESTIMATE regarding your interior spaces! Trust our 32 years of experience serving San Diego County for all of your home interior needs, including custom color matching and consultations.

Present and past references can attest to their reasonable rates in today’s market.

So, Give Your Property a Done-Rite Makeover

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